Implementing an ERP system

Epicor Implementation Specialist

The implementation process stands as a pivotal phase for any organization aiming to smoothly transition to new systems, technologies, or methodologies. This structured approach encompasses several vital stages, from conducting a comprehensive needs analysis to providing employee training.

Initiating with a thorough needs analysis of your business is imperative. This step illuminates the goals to be achieved and the obstacles to be surmounted, paving the way for an actionable plan tailored to address specific requirements. This plan may encompass implementation strategies, timelines, budgets, and performance metrics. Throughout this journey, maintaining transparent communication with stakeholders is essential to ensure all parties are kept abreast of project developments.

Equally crucial is employee training, which plays a pivotal role in facilitating the successful adoption of new systems, technologies, or methodologies. Effective training ensures that your workforce comprehensively grasps the benefits and functionalities of the new solutions.

Specializing in Epicor ERP Training

As a dedicated Epicor ERP software consultancy, we take pride in extending a comprehensive spectrum of ERP support services to both our clients and consultants. Our team of Epicor-certified professionals boasts extensive experience in delivering tailored support aligned with each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Understanding the individualized training requirements of every company, we are committed to offering personalized solutions to address your specific needs. Whether it’s onsite, remote, classroom sessions at our facility, or integrated training, we stand ready to assist. With a cadre of highly skilled instructors, we provide steadfast support throughout the training journey. Collaborating closely with you, we pinpoint the skills and knowledge essential for achieving your business objectives, crafting customized training programs tailored to your requirements.

Our reputation for delivering exceptional ERP support services is underscored by the glowing testimonials from our esteemed clientele. At Index, we are devoted to delivering an unparalleled training experience, continually organizing seminars and courses throughout the year covering a wide array of topics. Our steadfast commitment to your success drives us to provide top-notch support at every turn.

For details on upcoming training sessions, feel free to consult our events calendar. Additionally, we offer online training options for those who prefer learning at their own pace and convenience, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise IT Solutions Services

Leverage cutting-edge expertise in IT managed services through our partnership with Index and its affiliate, specialists in cloud computing solutions. Through this collaboration, we provide our clients with a holistic suite of services aimed at enhancing every facet of your business environment.

Ranging from ERP customization and development to comprehensive managed IT services, rely on our extensive team of seasoned IT professionals. With our proficiency and a tailored managed service model, your business is poised for exponential growth.


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